Taking photos of way Betta Fish

Taking photos of way Betta Fish
Taking photos of way Betta Fish
Taking photos of way Betta Fish


Halfmoon Betta fish big ear
Halfmoon Betta fish big ear canal
see photos of betta fish is pretty and captivating, certainly very fun, without even tired we kept looking at her and imperceptibly transforms so quickly time goes by.

some people think easy to have a picture like that, is that correct? turned out to be tricky.

yes taking photos of a moving object needs extra patience. besides assisting the media need to get permission. Well, in this post, the author attempts to divide the photograph tips betta fish, this is solely from the author's own encounter, the necessary tools including:

aquarium tank with a glass thickness of three mm to be in a state associated with lucid state of the surface area, the recommended size of ten x 10 x fifteen cm
clear water
lamps for proper lighting
digital camera
buffer camera tripod
cup mirror
Betta fish because artisnnya
implementation, fasted as well as before shooting fish try or two choke, it is intended for aggressive Betta fish (remember the betta fish is really a fish who like to battle, so that when an empty belly allows him to ngedok perfectly).

input into the betta fish aquarium filled with crystal clear drinking water, let the betta fish in order to adapt to new water conditions. pairs of mirrored a glass on one side of the fish tank after the ready to install digital cameras in place on a tripod, take fish patiently, when the seafood are in a state of excellent pose,,, immediately snap!

recommended not to expose the digicam directly facing the rear wine glass aquarium, because it is the representation of the flash effects.

utilize lighting that supports so the maximum image results, generally for making one acre betta fish just took a while shots, because betta species of fish tend to move swiftly so frequently we get the image blur,, not really seem scales, it is advisable to make use of high-speed cameras.

the more a person try you will get to know and comfy with a technique that you i did so

in theory a way that communicated the author is easy naumn exercise it took a long time to menapatkan results maxi,,,,,

This is not the actual raw please improvising to obtain satisfaction. explore the more frequently you eat, the better.

perhaps just that, please for all amateurs who want to share about this subject send comments, I would menampilkannnya to all readers..

thank you and also

Changing Air Aquarium Fish Betta

Changing Air Aquarium Fish Betta
Changing Air Aquarium Fish Betta
Changing Air Aquarium Fish Betta

Starting from a client complaint, which said that when the customer is betta seafood bought from kiosks preformance healthful state but when transferred species of fish looked listless not hostile.

Also told, that appears foam stick disekujur entire body and fins of the sea food.

Tang that the water utilized by the purchaser comes from plain, which contains chlorine that is very noticeable in the odor and taste. So how precisely is an effective way to prepare drinking water yaang maintenance and elimination which ensures the continuity of betta fish dog betta fish.

Hobbyists, as it happens the complaint was informed also by some other clients, either via sms, cell phone immediately or when they show up and headed back to the actual kiosk to hunt betta fish in our kiosk.

Right here I will try to share, how you can treat the water and betta fish move into the press that we have prepared.

Any kind of water that you use to conserve the Betta fish make sure water has deposited at least one time, this meant that the optimum water conditions. If it consists of chlorine and other dissolved materials can settle to the bottom part of the container.

Give aeration or air bubbles to complement the oxygen content from the water.

Put leaves ketapan sufficient to obtain optimal pH level, even this is considered to make more healthy betta bass.

If the above has been carried out then enter our family pet fish kedalah container using the above treatments.

Provide adequate live feed, and allow the particular fish to adapt to brand new water environments.

Maybe exactly that. Hope it is useful.

Steps to make a betta fish aquarium, quite simple

steps to make a betta fish aquarium, quite simple
steps to make a betta fish aquarium, quite simple
Steps to make a betta fish aquarium, quite simple

Betta seafood is a fish that is really special. its merits with the shape and colors. including benefits also is the easy way of servicing.

beauty Betta fish could be more visible when we put it within the right media, the use of containers as maintenance media is okay but it would reduce the beauty., unless you use a container with a special shape.

Aquarium tank is an excellent medium for sustaining fish cuapang. besides all of us as media maintenance, we are able to also use as a medium to demonstrate off... hehe..

aquarium produce is easy, first we must create is the design, what will we make.

by making its very own aquarium, we can reduce the price, other than that according to the model that people want.

Well, we proceed directly to the preparation:

preparing tools:

  • aquarium design
  • cup glue
  • ruler elbow (elbow carpentry ruler, usually made associated with metal)
  • styrofoam
  • Kater cutting knife
  • background image
  • paperclip (if deperlukan.
  • after arbitrarily over material is ready, the next steps for:

paste stuff on the edge of the a glass, one part (edge wine glass cutting lines) make sure the actual glue thickness average.

paste or paste of goblet that has been smeared glue at first glance or edge before the 2nd glass to form an position of 90 degrees, calculated by using a ruler elbow. Remain on a flat surface.

do the very first step, the paste glue within the edge of the third cup, make sure the glue width average.
mount them upon glass before, so now offers three badang fused a glass, forming huruh U.

insert glue on both the side of the particular glass which is fourth along with average thickness.

The fourth wine glass paste, so that now contact form the four corners from the four glass that has been merged.

specify every angle really 90 degrees, use a leader elbow carpentry.
let the stuff dries,

The next step after the dried out glue paste glue topping the glass surface equally,
immediately attach the goblet destined for the bottom in the aquarium.
pat dry.

whenever dry, examine the aquarium tank and make sure there are no components that leak, you can use water to ensure the leak.

when there is the leak immediately rub the opening with glue.
stirifoam substance the weld aquarium, this aims to avoid the outbreak on the bottom of the aquarium while pressing permukana gravel will not appear.

okay, the initial phase of making the aquarium is actually completed, it is time you produce an assortment of ornaments that you like for the new aquarium.

if you want to connect the mirror to mempercantika your aquarium, use a paperclip to fiksasinya.

finished. congrats

Betta recognize Ornamental

Betta recognize Ornamental

Betta recognize Ornamental
Betta recognize Ornamental
Betta Lovers ... now this, Hickey enthusiasts can say quite a lot, Kawin cross between hickey produce various kinds of new betta fish.
Well, here are the various types of betta fish are usually scattered bred by lovers of betta fish. Hmm, forgetfulness for a price betta fish can be up to millions perekor know. Usually caused due to the perfect tail shape and are often excluded from the contest and won the contest.

1. Betta Plakat

Betta fish are fish Betta plaque with a shorter tail shape or so-called short-tail fish. Hickey plaque comes from Thailand first mengembangbiakannya. Plaque is a Thai word meaning betta betta action or complaint. Hickey plaque was actually a complaint betta fish or game are derived from natural hickey. Said plaque to differentiate between fish Betta with Hickey complaint to be familiar in international circles. Betta fish placard beauty is seen in the form of fins, sharp teeth, beauty and harshness of fish scales and fighting style.

2. Betta Half Moon

 Halfmoon Betta fish or half moon is betta fish that have fins and tail width and symmetrical shape resembles a month setengah.Ikan Halfmoon Betta species was first cultivated in the United States by Peter Goettner in 1982.
Beauty Betta fish is almost found in all parts of his body that has a long tail and shaped as if to resemble half bulan.Ikan Halfmoon Betta is also on the type of plaque or commonly referred to Halfmoon Plakat, tail almost the same shape but tend to be shorter than Halfmoon Betta fish species in general.

3.Cupang Serit / Crown Tail

Crown Tail Betta fish species or commonly called betta fish Serit original was derived from Indonesia. We as hobis Hickey from Indonesia should be proud as one of the favorites Betta many hobbyists, hickey serit-crowntail, merupkan native fish 'mold' breeders Indonesia. And, hobis international betta also admitted it.

4.Cupang Double Tail

Double betta fish betta fish tail is quite unique when we look at this type have a hickey ekornya.Ikan tail shape split into two in the tail section belakangnya.Ikan hickey is also on call with forked betta fish.
Each fin tail (hemisphere) has the same size and the same width. Allegedly, Hickey forked a mutant of halfmoon which has a tail fin (single tail).
In addition to the strangeness of this type have a betta fish base of the dorsal fin and anal fin of the same length. Hickey forked who either do not have a gap or space between the three fins (anal, caudal and dorsal). When unfolded, the whole fin will form an integral circular symmetrical whole.

Ok ,, he assorted types of betta fish worldwide. He in fact there's more sich, the betta fish species Giant. But the difference with the other hany larger size several times. However, the model is the same for the others, there is a plaque Giant, Giant Halfmoon, etc.

Mental And Power Hickey coached Adu

Mental And Power Hickey coached Adu

Hickey complaint before the fight also need to be trained. for mental mempermatang usually the players train hickey aduannya by putting a hickey on the container that contains very little water so that the fish are trying to jump or to sustain life. The activities carried out should not be too frequent. Enough 1-2 times a week before the fight. If too much is also not good ,, because it will cause a decline in fish health conditions.
Mental And Power Hickey coached Adu
Mental And Power Hickey coached Adu
Train Strength to blow hickey complaints are usually the players every morning and afternoon cupangnya put in round containers, such as buckets, basins, or other containers. after Hickey complaint is laid, start turning the water around the container to form a vortex. if the fish can fight the current, the fish has enough power to hit his opponent with a hard, but the activities that must be performed in order to fish the stronger punch. but this activity should be stopped when 2 days before the fight.
To train the players breathing normally perform a technique commonly called menjantur. magic spell is a container / aquarium is rather small but has a pretty good high, you can use Janturan sized 20X20x100cm. Put water into Janturan which has been prepared by filling height 90cm. then enter the hickey complaints. then prepare a small jar to include fish that will be laih tandingnya between jars. give a distance of 3 to 5 cm. good putting small jar containing betta fish is that in Janturan would fall down so that the fish can get greater water pressure.

How to Distinguish Betta Fish and Betta Males Females

How to Distinguish Betta Fish and Betta Males Females

How to distinguish male and female betta fish is easy, but for those of you who are still newbie / new in knowing how to distinguish male and female betta fish you can see Below:
how to distinguish male and female betta fish is as follows:

betta males

- Movement is nimble
- Her body slim
- The long tail and beautiful blooms when in close proximity to another hickey

- The color of his body draw 

hickey Females

- His body was stocky
- Movement slow
- There is a white spot on his stomach
- The color is a bit dull / unattractive

Hickey makes scales to be strong

Strong physique is one important factor for betta fish in a fight, like a suit of armor that is required for every gladiator while competing in the arena, if the harness is not strong and they will be easily penetrated by the possibility of losing because your opponent is injured will be very large
How to Distinguish Betta Fish
How to Distinguish Betta Fish
There are several things that must be understood by the players, that the strength of scales attached to the body of the fish is influenced by several factors:

1. Type scales, which are divided into two classifications which masing2 kinds of advantages and disadvantages masing2.
a. Scales large type, the excess is more difficult to expose scales than small scales, the drawback is if the scales uncovered beside the scales would be more easily uncovered
b. Scales small type, the excess if scales scales uncovered next to not become easier Uncovered (peeled), but its weakness is the kind of scales is indeed in force under the type of large scales.

2. The strength of the meat / muscle that binds scales on the body
scales is not a separate component of the physical unity betta fish, so the scales strength glue on the body can not be separated from the flesh and muscles strong factor in holding the scales of fish page.
This can be seen when the binding of meat scales scales too fatty then be easily uncovered by the opponent, then the provision of the type of feed is also very influential on the strength of the flesh holding the scales page.

3. The condition of the fish when betarung
The readiness of the fish one factor that also affects the quality of the scales in the arena .. Fish in conditions not fit, in this case could have been exhausted shuffle-whipped in a long journey towards the arena, etc., can make the fish is not optimal, because when arrived at the arena fish must be adapted beforehand or rested awhile. This calls can be proven if the fish put into the bottle and shake-shake, then in a state of dizziness immediately enter into a container that contains other fish, it will show the scales would be more easily dislodged.

 4. Water used in arena
Water is an important factor that must be considered, if the fish are accustomed him tap water then when fighting in the well water will undergo a process of adjustment of time, in some cases while not comfort with water TSB fish will be more easily exposed because the performance is not up to where the state of fish muscle was often surprised and not maximal binding scales, and vice versa.
Recall from a low PH high PH enter any fish will very likely drop or at least be "water shock" How to strengthen the way the scales are commonly taken by the breeder

In addition to the state of strong muscles and meat in addition to binding scales of fish that fit condition, there are several ways to material TSB scales ..
The formation of scales during fish growth is strongly influenced by adequate intake of calcium in fish in addition to nutrition - other nutrients, here I will discuss some forms of drugs - drugs and herbs used breeders from both inside and outside the country to upgrade the power scales as well as physical betta fish so that optimal fighting age at admission

1. CaCO3 (calcium carbonate) + HCl (strong acids) as solvent

CaCO3 is believed to increase the strength of fish scales, fish scales in view of the material is influenced by calcium in infancy. Here I do not discuss details regarding the dosage as this becomes the secret of the breeder where the dose also varies between breeders, but I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages over these drugs
Excess CaCO3 + HCl

can upgrade the strength of the material scales when the growth period, which is given at the age of fish entering the age of 3 months to 6 months.
High calcium levels in the water causes a rather high pH where it is dried leaves ketapan necessary to control PH

Weaknesses / deficiencies CaCO3 + HCl
overdosing can lead to mental fish to be bad, making it difficult to penetrate the executioner, therefore the dose should be kept.

CaCO3 can only be dissolved with a strong acid in which we use the Hcl as the solvent, which is usually the comparison 3 (CaCO3): 1 (HCl), or 4: 1atau the fewer the better her origin Hcl CaCO3 can be dissolved benar2 perfect.

The disadvantages of using a strong acid / HCl in the dissolution of CaCO3 is making ring fish become soft and relatively strong PH can ride so it makes no comfort fish, should be given leaf ketapan as PH control

2. Crystal Menthol (Menthol Crystals)

These chemicals are extreme enough medicine to strengthen fish scales, I can not explain koelasi compound in menthol crystal material TSB to fish scales, but from some observations indeed a solution of menthol crystals were granted entry age of 4 months to 6.5 months really - really making fish scales becomes hard .. how to use any variety there are then dissolved Diciprat to the pool, there is also a system of wrapped and placed in a pool, dsb2.
Excess Menthol Crystals
Fish scales really - really strong and difficult to break
Weaknesses / deficiencies Menthol Crystals
it is possible to make the fish's mouth and black damaged if the method of use and dosage wrong.
so allowing the fish to die because of the error and how to use excessive doses
overdosing can lead to mental fish to be bad, making it difficult to penetrate the executioner.
lime that has been cold and sterile
I categorize this was classified as extreme, where limestone for the walls previously soaked in water until boiling exhausted, then cleaned and soaked in water in a long period of time .. there are up to 14 days even 1 month, after ensuring clean and new sterile chalk placed at the base depths
To chalk this point I can not discuss the advantages and kekurangnnya because it does not have any direct observation

4. calc

Kalk is an alternative that is always given to the fish for growth as needed calcium intake of fish in shaping the structure of bones, teeth and scales but much less precise way of using calc TSB to lubukan.
Here are some ways that can be used to give the fish in the depths calc

1. Dilution with water RO (Reverse Osmosis)

Kalk should not be crushed and then sown directly in the pond, preferably after grinded calc put into bottles containing RO water, shake / stir, then endapkan for 24 hours, after 24 hours of use for the clear water and sediment in lubukan calc / pulp waste

2. Dilution with water RO (Reverse Osmosis) for soaking the live feed

Same way as the first point, but its use is to soak the live feed for ± 30 minutes before it is given to the fish in the depths.
The surplus Kalk
as the intake of fish in the form of scales, strong bones during treatment in lubukan
tend to be more secure than the 3 types of drugs discussed earlier.
Weakness Kalk
Dilubukan calc usage could increase the pH of the water, so that the use of dried leaves should be enough priority ketapan
overdosing could make damaged and black fish's mouth.

5. Herbs

Dried papaya leaves
Some breeders have implemented the use of papaya leaf dry for at bottom, it is intended to controll the growth of the fish that is not too fast (bongsor), the more intense the color of the water, it is increasingly hampered the growth of the fish body, it is intended will have an impact on the density of the bones as well as the meeting in addition to the thick scales .. because water inhibits the growth of color, dried papaya leaves also contain organic calcium required by the bones and teeth and fish scales.

Roasted and lime sirihPada Gambir Gambir roaster originally used to bring warm impact on the bottom during the rainy season, but it was after some observation, the fish are bred in the bottom of the roaster who applied gambier tend to have a tougher scales.
Betel lime is used as an intake Caco3, where before entering the depths of whiting fish and roasted gambier precipitated first, but still have to pay attention and control PH with leaves Ketapang, because everything that releases calcium tends to increase the pH of the water.
berexperimen survivors ..................
Crowntail Betta fish - Betta is a cruciferous native of Indonesia. Hickey type has a distinctive fin like a comb, or even looks like a torn screen. He was first popular as a hickey serit 2, serit double, or double serit. The first breeder in the complex hickey serit Bulog, Rawamangun, East Jakarta. Because of the unknown, some hickey serit captive Achmad tragic. Bali Hickey serit considered to be the laughingstock because hickey destroyed alias rejected. Some call Iyus, close calls Ahmad, less work. Reverse in 2000, it serit fever-stricken farmers.
Crowntail Betta fish
Crowntail Betta fish 
Until now, the inventor Hickey serit still confusing, peternang hickey in Slipi, West Jakarta, regarded as the inventor Joseph Achmad Crowntail types. Crowntail was born in 1998 and became a boom in 2000. The inception of this type are many skeptics and considers this type only mere aberration. Even this type of hickey eventually just become "second class citizens" in every contest hickey. Shadow emergence serit 2 at the beginning of the breeding is not thought about. However, in 1997 after 3 times crossing of 5-10 parent acquired approximately 10% hickey serit 2. When it all serit 2 green. The following year, in 1999, several other breeders also managed to obtain the serit 2.
Crown Tail Betta Fish History (Serit)
Example: A suing in Jelembar, West Jakarta, who popularized serit 2 red. Edi Sudrajat also carries serit 2 blue. At the International Betta Congress (IBC), serit called fringe finned betta betta. Model tail comb tail is an extension form of delta tail. The difference, delta tail end of the tail is not serrated or short serit. Grigi on combtail stretching then becomes forerunner hickey serit one. Serit fellow crossing the intensive produce derivative hickey serit 2. Even the crossing of the two resulting serit serit 4 and 8. In order not mistaken, the term applies to the next combtail serit type short. For serit 2 or more so-called Crowntail or tail crown.
In the process, many changes Crowntail serit form.
Crown Tail Betta Fish History (Serit) Among them into a beam type, the type of balloon, serit 4 (double-ray) and serit 8. The beam type is defined as bony serit Crowntail rough. While the balloon-type membrane between the bone serit has widened. A new era in the development of strains of Betta fish make many admires this type and vying to expand betta betta serit ... finally existence serit recognized by the International Betta Congress (IBC).